Sep 27 2012

Wales Millennium Mouse?

One of a selection of incredible images we created for the hugely successful e-Crime Wales project. You can see more of the series here including a giant tentacled webcam robot crawling out of the sea at Caswell Bay, Gower!

Yes, the Wales Millennium Centre is a huge mouse.

wales millenium centre

Jul 11 2009

What would you buy on via your mobile?

An interesting article on mobile commerce by summarising recent polls in the US on what mobile users would buy via mobile commerce.

In a nutshell:

  • Only 7% of online retailers had an m-commerce site in late 2008 (source: Internet Retailer)
  • 71% of US adults would purchase via their mobile (source: Harris Interactive)
  • 59% were willing to buy pizza online via a phone, 58% movie or event tickets, 43% hotel rooms (source: Harris Interactive)
  • But found most popular mobile purchases were digital content (ring tones and music)

See the full article with graphs:

This all makes sense, our observations to date are that mobile users have different (and immediate) goals when using their mobiles on the move rather than when they have a desktop, laptop or net book handy.

Anyone for pizza?

Jun 24 2009

Microsoft to ignore web standards in Outlook 2010 – enough is enough

Get over to the Email Standards Project for the story.


Jan 16 2009

Email marketing – make sure that emails work with images turned off

I read a report on MarketingSherpa the other day which stated that 59% of consumer and 90% of business users view some or all of their emails with images turned off (due to preview panels having images turned off as default on some applications and mobile Internet users often having images turned off by default).

Therefore they recommend always making sure that before you send out your latest email campaign you’ve tested the email with images turned off, text descriptions appear when images are blocked and all of the links have good descriptions rather than ‘Click here’ – makes a lot of sense.

Source & full article here: