Dec 11 2015

Merry Christmas from S8080

A very merry Christmas from all of us at S8080!

The team at S8080 would like to sincerely thank every single one of you for your support in 2015.

We hope you all enjoy your Christmas break and we’ll see you in the New Year.



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Oct 30 2015

Join the S8080 team if you dare, for a Halloween scare!

S8080_Blog_Halloween email

A very happy Halloween to everyone

Once again, the team got together to delight you with our fangtastic annual Halloween photograph. With everything from a Frankenstein designer, a superhero project manager, a Dalek and a mad swordsman. S8080’s ghoulish team are ready for the witching hour tomorrow, are you?

Be sure to choose ‘treat’ rather than ‘trick’ when we come knocking!

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Dec 11 2014

Merry Christmas from S8080



2014 has been another wonderful year. We’ve done some incredible things with our clients. From playing a part in helping Welsh Government deliver what is probably the world’s most comprehensive and engaging business information, guidance and advice website through to the hugely successful #Vampireenergy Halloween campaign that helped the Dept. of Energy and Climate Change show thousands of consumers how easy it is to save a pile of cash. The Prime Minister even tweeted it!

Our EPiServer experience continues to attract attention at the very highest levels with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists being launched (thank you guys!) and continuing exciting developments working with the exceptional CITB team.

We also took part in the Swansea Bay 5K (warning – photos of sweaty, puffing developers!), we moved offices and had a number of talented people join our exceptional team.

We are very lucky to work with so many enthusiastic clients who are committed to improving the way people can interact with their organisations using the internet; it makes every single day interesting and rewarding.

The whole S8080 team would like to sincerely thank every single one of our clients for your support this year

We hope you enjoy your Christmas break and we’ll see you in 2015.

Chris, Matt and the S8080 team

Oct 30 2014

S8080 Presents: The Night of the Living Devs

Happy Halloween from the team at S8080

This year, S8080’s spooktacular Halloween treat has set the bar even higher with a chilling (and thrilling) HD YouTube movie.

Filmed and edited entirely in-house by our own creative team, the guys* show they have talents way beyond websites development.

Click the video link and see who you think has the best zombie moves… if you dare.

Thank you to everyone who played part in putting this together – and a huge thank you goes out to Gethin Jones for his outstanding sound design.

Happy Halloween.

*Despite appearances, no developers were harmed during the making of this film.


Jun 24 2014

Matt’s Dragon Ride for ARUK


We’ve been working with Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) for a year or two now. We’ve designed and built their Dementia Blog and their intranet. They are a great team to work with and they run their wonderful organisation with passion and great enthusiasm. As you may know, Matt is a very keen cyclist and last week he used his legs to raise a whole pile of money for ARUK.

Matt took part in the UK’s most prestigious cyclo-sportive event, the Dragon Ride. He completed the 95 mile Dragon Medio Fondo route across the Welsh Mountains in 5 hours 41 mins and came in 158th out of 1822 riders – inside the top 9% of riders!

95 miles is a very long way on a bike, but throw in 2000 metres of climbing and that’s one hell of an achievement!

The photo shows Matt 55 miles in, on the notorious Devil’s Elbow climb, which reaches a gradient of 20% at points. Take a look at this YouTube video and ask yourself if you could still smile after cycling up that!

Matt raised over £600 for ARUK – a cause very close to his heart. This was more than he had ever hoped for. If you would like to support Alzheimer’s Research UK, please visit Matt’s JustGiving page.

Jun 11 2014

Swansea Bay 5K

Team S8080 took part in the Swansea Bay 5k race last night.

After a day of rain, the weather was thankfully kind for the event and the five elite athletes, all in peak physical condition, put in a good run, beating their various target times that ranged from 20 to 30 minutes.

Although most of us were pretty wrecked and hobbling after the effort, the curry and Carlsberg helped.

Well done guys! Same time next year?



ash1     simon



Dec 17 2013

Move over ‘Selfie’, here’s the S8080 ‘Elfie’.

We’ve had another exciting year working on some wonderful projects. We would like to thank you sincerely for your support during 2013. The S8080 team and our clients have done some pretty amazing things together this year. Every single day is interesting and rewarding. Here’s to an equally exciting 2014!

We would like to point out that no elves were harmed during the making of this email…no really, we checked with our Elf & Safety Advisor!

By the way, we are looking for a talented graphic designer to join us, so if you know anyone who wouldn’t mind dressing up in a daft costume for next year’s Christmas card, please send them this link!

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Dec 14 2012

Happy Christmas – 11 more sleeps

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. It’s been a wonderful year for us, lots of new clients, great projects and new team members and to celebrate, here a bit of Christmas silliness for you! Click it to see a larger version (if you dare).

s8080 Christmas team photo 2012

Jul 14 2009

Tim’s triathlon

Tim, one of our creative team, entered the Pembrokeshire Coast Triathlon on Saturday. It was his first event and he managed to get around the 1.5k swim, 43k ride and 10.2k run in one piece on a bike borrowed from one of our project managers.

He is always planning or doing something crazy and comes to work limping on most Monday mornings.

I’d always fancied doing a Triathlon and Broadhaven is right on my doorstep, so I entered. I felt good until the last 5k of the run when I think I hit the wall, my legs stopped working. It’s the toughest event I’ve ever done, but I’m so happy to have finished.

Jan 28 2009

Time with the guys

We asked all 18 members of the S8080 team three questions – New years resolution for 2009, the best thing from 2008 and their fave site (at the moment

Some interesting stuff…



  •  Pass my driving test
  •  Discovered a cider called Cornish Rattler
  •  BBC Website


  •  To have a fruit bowl on my desk (with some kind of real, non-mouldy fruit in it)
  •  Moved into a shared house, with some fairly random people
  •  BBC iPlayer takes my vote (more of a service, but it’s so handy and easy to use (as well as being daring enough to have a black design for a website)



  •  Cut down on the boozing and get back in the gym. If that doesn’t happen then I promise to drink more than before!
  •  Snow boarding in Zermatt Switzerland and making it alive to see another new year
  • purely for the flash and design.


  •  To quit smoking……a bit
  •  (Attempted) Cray-fishing expedition to Cape Point, S. Africa. As we ventured further and further out… with the waves becoming increasingly bumpy… contemplating the possible onset of nausea… and as the rain began to fall from accumulating black clouds above… the realisation set in that this was a very small boat in a very big ocean and home to the odd great white shark. I have a newfound respect for all fisherman!


  •  Work, life, balance 😉
  •  Learnt how to render and pebble dash an external wall! Exciting I know.
  • – Some amazing articles.

James F

  •  A trio of: stop biting my nails / start keeping a journal / do more creative things in my spare time (programming, writing, photography). Currently doing rubbish at the non-nail-biting, so feel free to give me a slap if you see me nibbling away
  •  Graduate from university. It was a lot of hard work, but worth it in the end – felt very proud of myself and my friends

I’m not sure I can pick just one…

  •  Instapaper ( rocks for its simplicity (it also has a native iPhone app) – I have a habit of opening loads of tabs in my browser and keeping them about for ages until I get time to read them (information overload!). Instapaper helps by letting you bookmark pages to read later – you can then access them at a later date via the minimal web interface or the iPhone app. Super-simple, but works brilliantly; it’s like your own personal newspaper
  •  BBC iPlayer ( was invaluable over Crimbo to catch up on Christmas specials if I missed them when they actually aired
  •  I recently took out an Audible ( subscription, and have been listening to their audiobooks for a couple of months now on my walks to/from work. I’m loving them, and it gets me much more value from an hour of my day where I’d usually just be walking
  •  And finally, a trio of sites I use every single day: Google Mail, Google Reader, and Twitter


  •  Don’t make any more New Year’s resolutions
  •  Surf in Fuerteventura with Plumby


  •  Try a different welsh cheese every week
  •  Easy – holding our new born daughter for the first time 🙂


  • Lose weight and do more exercise, same as every year!!
  •  Finally tackled my jungle of a garden


  •  Same resolution I make every year, Try to take over the world
  •  Stopped my nasty social smoking habit at last
  • / Google Reader


  •  I like to be realist in my resolutions and not set ones that I know I will break within a matter of weeks. In line with this I am happy to vow that in the year 2009 I will not die my hair purple.
  •  The cycle trip I did in southwest Italy was amazing. Amazing location, great company, great weather, great food and it was healthy!
  • – it’s brilliant


  •  Eat healthy stuff, take my vitamins and avoid any more flu bugs!
  • Apart from watching my beloved Swansea City winning the league at Gillingham (a long, wet but very jubilant bus journey!), I have to say getting married at the young age of 37 and joining the crazies at S8080!
  •  Twitter – an absolute mine of knowledge / breaking news from friends and professional web developers / designers. Micro blogging at it’s very best!


  •  Never done them, not doing them now… never will do them!
  •  Doing the London Triathlon (2.31… yeah baby!!) which involved wearing all in one lycra outfits in public! Also going sub 1.30 in the Cardiff half marathon
  •  Still Myspace all the way. It provides me with endless supply of new music


  •  At least 50 ‘Chris powered’ miles a week and take more photographs
  •  Taught my two eldest boys to ride a bike – it got me back in the saddle. Got back into photography
  •  Flickr


  •  Not to make any resolutions
  •  Didn’t die (serious comment!)
  • (for the content)


  •  To stop making new years resolutions, as I never stick to them.
  •  Go on holiday to Majorca


  •  Take my keys with me always, especially when the missus is in labour and we need to drive to the hospital. This will save me having to smash windows and panic my other kids
  •  The best thing I did in ‘08 was to buy the missus a new car to get her off my back, followed closely by 42 inches of LCD magic. The best thing I’ll be doing in ’09 is tuning the missus into an XBOX360 and keeping my eldest happy when she realises Fireman Sam isn’t actually at Pontins
  •  Best webs at the moment are smashing, Microsoft/web and Matt Berseth’s Blog. Matt’s got a great approach to programming, but his blog could do with a facelift