Jun 6 2014

World class cycling venue

Matt and I are very keen cyclists. Not one of the recent rash of MAMILs that you see tearing around country lanes on a sunny Sunday. We’ve been at it for decades.

We are very lucky to have Lee Valley Regional Park as a long standing client and they recently took control of the VeloPark in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This incredible venue saw Team GB take 9 medals, including 7 gold, in the London 2012 Olympics.

Earlier this week, we visited the Olympic Park for one of our regular account meetings and had a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the VeloPark. This was a pretty cool place for a meeting, even if you are not a cyclist, but for us, it must rate as the best meeting venue we’ve ever visited!


Take a look at the iPad friendly interactive map we developed for Lee Valley, showing the Velodrome, mountain bike trails, BMX track and the 1 mile floodlit road circuit.


This job certainly has its perks – next time, we are definitely booking a track taster session before we hit the M25 for the journey home! A big thank you to the Lee Valley team for a good day!


Dec 7 2012

Apple’s 12 Days Of Christmas App Launched

Apple has launched this years ’12 Days of Christmas’ app, and it is now available to download for free from the iTunes app store, the app will let you download free content to your iOS device from the 26th of December.

Apple releases the 12 Days of Christmas app every year, and from the 26th of December there will be a free download each day, which will include music, games, TV shows and more.

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Apr 9 2010


If you enjoy Hipstamatic, go have a play with Swankolab – a ‘cool as anything’ retro darkroom on your iPhone complete with smelly chemicals and a formula book.

Hipstamatic, ShakeItPhoto and Swankolab make the iPhone camera actually worth having.

Nov 12 2009

Memory Map on the iPhone

In a very sensible commercial move (IMHO), Memory Map are to release their software on the iPhone platform.

Digital mapping has taken the outdoor industry by storm with new devices and software appearing regularly at trade shows. Memory Map software uses digital Ordnance Survey maps and currently is only available on the Pocket PC and the Road Angel device.

With the restriction to O2 lifted, this will make the iPhone 3GS the most complete digital tool for any outdoor enthusiast and help keep Memory Map well ahead of the game.

There is already a free OS Map application on the iPhone, [iOSMaps uses OS OpenSpace] but it is still quite early in it’s development.

Here is the quote taken from the Australian Memory Map forum…

Stop Press
“Memory-Map is developing an i-Phone application that will be able to use the existing range of maps and charts published by Memory-Map. The release is expected in early 2010.”

Fingers crossed this will apply to the UK too. Roll on ‘early 2010’.

Jul 27 2009

Mobile: Android pulls ahead of Windows Mobile

AdMob (a mobile advertising platform) have released their latest metrics report – and as far as their advertising impressions go, Google Android has now pulled in front of Windows Mobile (in terms of requests to the AdMob network, not handset marketshare).

The difference is actually even more pronounced in the UK than the US.

Of course, this is just one advertising network, and results may well be skewed depending on how/where their adverts are displayed, but it’s still a useful thing to note as the mobile web continues to grow in popularity at a tremendous speed.

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Mar 20 2009

Analytics App for iPhone

Analytics is a really important part of what we do for our clients here at S8080. It provides us with measurable, comparable statistics that we can use to gauge the success and effectiveness of the websites that we build.

Keeping a constant eye on Google Analytics just got easier, with the launch of Analytics App for iPhone. This isn’t a Google product, but it integrates seamlessly with your Google Analytics accounts, providing easy on-the-go access to over 40 of the various Analytics reports. It even supports multiple accounts, which is especially useful if you have a large number of sites to monitor. For more information, visit the Analytics App website at http://analyticsapp.com, or go straight to its entry on the iPhone App Store.

Jan 16 2009

What The Font for iPhone

WhatTheFont is a fantastic online service that helps you identify fonts. Simply upload a picture, tell it what the text you’ve uploaded says, and WhatTheFont should come back with some suggestions as to what the font might be.

MyFonts have just released WhatTheFont for iPhone, which makes it really easy to identify fonts on the go. Just snap a picture, highlight the text, and WhatTheFont will provide you with a list of similar fonts. You can then e-mail information about the found fonts to yourself in a couple of taps.

The app seems a little glitchy in places (in particular when ‘merging’ characters together), and is thrown off a little by bad lighting – but the font matches it finds seem pretty accurate. Best of all, it’s free.

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Jan 15 2009


A gallery of creative iPhone friendly sites.

My wife had an iPhone for Christmas – I have never seen her so immersed in tech.

One of my implementation team, JSJ, proudly showed me our latest launch on his iPhone… I was pretty impressed. (More on that soon).