Dec 16 2016 wins Silver in this year’s Digital Experience Awards

uk digital award has won another award! The site has won a Silver award in this year’s Digital Experience Awards.

The site originally won the Masters of Marketing Award for user experience and design in October this year.

GoConstruct provides online interactive tools to help people find out more about a career in construction. We are very proud to be playing such a major part in the site’s continuing growth and success.

Oct 13 2016

GoConstruct wins the Masters of Marketing User Experience and Design award


We are very proud to announce that has won the 2016 Masters of Marketing User experience and design award. GoConstruct won the award after being shortlisted along with Guardian Travel and Gu puddings websites.

The site was launched to encourage people to consider a career in construction. We worked closely with CITB to create a site that would inform and entertain a diverse audience by utilising a range of interactive tools including a career profiling tool, a series of interactive construction sites and a personality quiz.

The site has had extensive usability testing to give the best possible user experience. The campaign has been a huge success with over 450,000 unique visitors. To check out the site for yourself click here.


It’s been a privilege to work on the site and we are currently working with CITB on more major projects, watch this space!


Aug 17 2016

Go – An interactive tour of Infrastructure


Hot on the heels of the interactive tour of Off-Site Manufacturing our creative and front end development teams produced another engaging visual interactive page to help attract, inform and retain a talented workforce for the Construction and Built Environment sector.

The interactive consists of a bespoke portal page and a series of phased construction scenarios designed to showcase specific job roles. The creative team developed an infrastructure scenario that covered the construction of a bridge that incorporates a high speed rail link, a motorway connecting town to city, water transportation and sustainable energy.

Our creatives and front end devs worked closely to ensure the interactive worked across a large range of devices from a desktop monitor to a smartphone. The result of this agile and collaborative working process meant that the product not only looked great but worked seamlessly across client specified devices featuring adaptive layouts and content solutions.

Take look and explore the infrastructure roles in construction

Aug 10 2016

Go – An interactive tour of Off-Site Manufacturing


Our creative and front end development teams have recently produced a whole host of highly visual interactive pages for the newly launched GoConstruct website, which has been specifically designed to attract, inform and retain a talented workforce in the construction and built environment sector. The interactives consist of a bespoke portal page and a series of phased construction scenarios that showcase specific job roles.

In one example, the off-site interactive section takes the user through the 5 stages of off-site manufacturing and the roles in construction involved in each stage. There are multiple ways to navigate the content; Scroll with the mouse wheel or use the pagination sidebar. Each of the 5 phases contain a collection of job specific characters with clickable hotspots that allow the user to explore a wealth of detail on each job role.

Our creative team worked closely with CITB careers advisors and construction industry experts through co-design to create an interactive piece that not only represented real world manufacturing processes but also delivered a cross-device experience allowing unparalleled mobile access for our audiences.

You can explore the ‘Off-Site Roles in Construction’ interactive at – watch out for the rather cool animations!

Jun 6 2014

World class cycling venue

Matt and I are very keen cyclists. Not one of the recent rash of MAMILs that you see tearing around country lanes on a sunny Sunday. We’ve been at it for decades.

We are very lucky to have Lee Valley Regional Park as a long standing client and they recently took control of the VeloPark in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This incredible venue saw Team GB take 9 medals, including 7 gold, in the London 2012 Olympics.

Earlier this week, we visited the Olympic Park for one of our regular account meetings and had a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the VeloPark. This was a pretty cool place for a meeting, even if you are not a cyclist, but for us, it must rate as the best meeting venue we’ve ever visited!


Take a look at the iPad friendly interactive map we developed for Lee Valley, showing the Velodrome, mountain bike trails, BMX track and the 1 mile floodlit road circuit.


This job certainly has its perks – next time, we are definitely booking a track taster session before we hit the M25 for the journey home! A big thank you to the Lee Valley team for a good day!


Mar 1 2013

Happy St David’s Day

The team at S8080 wish you all a very happy St David’s Day – Wales’ national day. Treat yourself to a bunch of daffodils for your desk and knock up a batch of Welsh Cakes.

The persistent winter rain seems to have stopped for the moment and the mornings and evenings are getting lighter. It looks like spring is finally with us. A wonderful time of year.

Our good friends at asked us to help them celebrate St David’s Day by creating a little interactive and iPad friendly fun. Visit their interactive home and learn more about Wales.

s8080 ipad interactive home

Mar 1 2011

Google says happy St Davids Day

Google’s little tribute to Wales on the 1st March 2011…

One of my favourite things about St David’s Day is that winter is pretty much over. Lambs, daffs, tree buds, driving home from work in daylight.

Only a few short months until summer. Yeah!

BTW – check this out, our latest St David’s Day interactive quiz for

Feb 8 2011

Google celebrates Jules Verne birthday

Today, (8th February 2011) Google are celebrating the 183rd birthday of French author, Jules Verne, with a neat little interactive piece.

Mar 12 2010

Keeping you in the air

We recently launched a large content managed website for TES Aviation Group – a large international, but Wales based aircraft engine management company.

For Matt and myself, it was one of those dream jobs – a fascinating subject, a great group of people and a thoroughly professional and forward looking organisation. One of the highlights of our initial alignment workshops was the tour of their vast facility in Bridgend, south Wales and getting up close to some of the most powerful engines in the world. A schoolboy dream.

We worked through our UX (user experience) processes, spending considerable time talking with the various teams in the organisation, gathering valuable insight into a very complex industry and its own unique set of interactions between client and supplier.

These interviews, combined with alignment sessions with the sales and marketing director and his team, user journey design, process mapping, competitor review and content audit meant we could design the IA (Information Architecture) and wireframe prototype matching the user’s’ needs tightly to TES’s business objectives.

Then our creative and interactive teams were let loose on the look and feel, extending their existing brand into online. The design was then wrapped around our content management system enabling the TES teams to keep their content up to date from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night (these guys travel a lot!).

The site is attracting a lot of industry interest as the analytics are already proving.

We look forward to a long and interesting relationship with TES. It is worth a visit just to see the most amazing (and valuable) coffee table in Wales – made of scrapped titanium aircraft parts.

Mar 1 2010

How Welsh are you? Happy St Davids Day!

St David’s Day has taken over at Fun, recipes and activities… you can even learn the Welsh national anthem phonetically.

Then test your Welshness with this multilingual interactive quiz.

Dec 14 2006

Are you a Deadly Mate?

S8080 have just launched a powerful speed awareness website for young drivers, The site is backed up by a bus shelter, busback and billboard poster campaign.

The Deadly Mates concept was conceived by S8080’s creative director, Chris Cowell.

“The campaign is based around a very simple idea – everybody wants friends and everybody has aspirations. The campaign introduces a group of friends who all have plans for the future from the seemingly trivial to the far reaching. One of the friends drives a little too fast. He can wipe out his mate’s futures in a second. We all have friends who scare us a bit when they are driving – why should we die next to them? We are asking young people to get out and walk while they have the chance”.

Deadly Mates Campaign Billboard

The campaign was created for the Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership.

“We hope that the Deadly Mates campaign will engage young drivers and their peers and encourage them to consider the very real consequences of speeding for themselves and their friends” said Ally Lenane, the Partnership’s communications manager. “We are delighted with the campaign – it is hard-hitting and thought-provoking and we are confident that the edgy style and interactive nature of the website will appeal to our target audience. The website will be supported by busback and billboard advertising and the message will be taken to schools and colleges by Road Safety Officers in order to reach as many young people as possible”.

The website features many interactive ways to tell your ‘mate’ to take it easy when driving including text messaging, downloads and e-cards. There is also a test track driving simulator that rewards skilful, paced driving rather than speed.

Chris said

“When you are 17 or 18, you have the world at your feet. Imagine having your life snatched away just because your mate thinks they are a bit of racer. Jump on the bus and leave them to it”.