Jan 4 2011

S8080 design featured on inspiration feed

A very happy New Year to you all.

Back in July ‘10, one of our email designs for the 2010 e-Crime Wales summit was featured in the Campaign Monitor gallery.

Just before Christmas, we noticed that it had been picked up by the excellent inspirationfeed blog as one of ‘45 eye-opening examples of email newsletter designs’ – you can find it at number 15.

We are proud to be featured alongside such amazing work.

PS. Take a look at the new year banner we put together for e-Crime Wales if you have a moment (it’ll only be around for a short time) – the site is chock full of useful advice to help businesses protect themselves.


Jul 19 2010

S8080’s email skills recognised

One of the email invites we designed for the 2010 e-Crime Wales Summit made the Campaign Monitor Gallery today. We developed a series of emails that were broadcast on the run up to the event, held on Thursday in the Celtic Manor Resort – each pushing our front end development team with the demanding build required to show the design at its best in a multitude of email clients.

Davida Fernandez of Campaign Monitor said…

“I really like the unusual layout of this email designed by s8080, especially the way the map graphic is burning into the main content and the way the free floating secondary content is flanking the middle column. The three colour bar background is so interesting and provides a foundation for the important links on the left hand side. The nice narrow column always helps with readability, too. Super cool job on this one.”

We have specialised in email newsletter and campaign design, production, broadcast, list management and analytics for quite a few years now and have 100’s of successful ‘mails under our belts.

We are currently running a stunning and groundbreaking campaign for Welsh Assembly Government’s  IBW and as soon as they have all been delivered, we show them on the blog.

Jun 24 2009

Microsoft to ignore web standards in Outlook 2010 – enough is enough

Get over to the Email Standards Project for the story.


Jan 16 2009

Email marketing – make sure that emails work with images turned off

I read a report on MarketingSherpa the other day which stated that 59% of consumer and 90% of business users view some or all of their emails with images turned off (due to preview panels having images turned off as default on some applications and mobile Internet users often having images turned off by default).

Therefore they recommend always making sure that before you send out your latest email campaign you’ve tested the email with images turned off, text descriptions appear when images are blocked and all of the links have good descriptions rather than ‘Click here’ – makes a lot of sense.

Source & full article here: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=30751