Dec 16 2016 wins Silver in this year’s Digital Experience Awards

uk digital award has won another award! The site has won a Silver award in this year’s Digital Experience Awards.

The site originally won the Masters of Marketing Award for user experience and design in October this year.

GoConstruct provides online interactive tools to help people find out more about a career in construction. We are very proud to be playing such a major part in the site’s continuing growth and success.

Oct 13 2016

GoConstruct wins the Masters of Marketing User Experience and Design award


We are very proud to announce that has won the 2016 Masters of Marketing User experience and design award. GoConstruct won the award after being shortlisted along with Guardian Travel and Gu puddings websites.

The site was launched to encourage people to consider a career in construction. We worked closely with CITB to create a site that would inform and entertain a diverse audience by utilising a range of interactive tools including a career profiling tool, a series of interactive construction sites and a personality quiz.

The site has had extensive usability testing to give the best possible user experience. The campaign has been a huge success with over 450,000 unique visitors. To check out the site for yourself click here.


It’s been a privilege to work on the site and we are currently working with CITB on more major projects, watch this space!


Aug 17 2016

Go – An interactive tour of Infrastructure


Hot on the heels of the interactive tour of Off-Site Manufacturing our creative and front end development teams produced another engaging visual interactive page to help attract, inform and retain a talented workforce for the Construction and Built Environment sector.

The interactive consists of a bespoke portal page and a series of phased construction scenarios designed to showcase specific job roles. The creative team developed an infrastructure scenario that covered the construction of a bridge that incorporates a high speed rail link, a motorway connecting town to city, water transportation and sustainable energy.

Our creatives and front end devs worked closely to ensure the interactive worked across a large range of devices from a desktop monitor to a smartphone. The result of this agile and collaborative working process meant that the product not only looked great but worked seamlessly across client specified devices featuring adaptive layouts and content solutions.

Take look and explore the infrastructure roles in construction

Aug 10 2016

Go – An interactive tour of Off-Site Manufacturing


Our creative and front end development teams have recently produced a whole host of highly visual interactive pages for the newly launched GoConstruct website, which has been specifically designed to attract, inform and retain a talented workforce in the construction and built environment sector. The interactives consist of a bespoke portal page and a series of phased construction scenarios that showcase specific job roles.

In one example, the off-site interactive section takes the user through the 5 stages of off-site manufacturing and the roles in construction involved in each stage. There are multiple ways to navigate the content; Scroll with the mouse wheel or use the pagination sidebar. Each of the 5 phases contain a collection of job specific characters with clickable hotspots that allow the user to explore a wealth of detail on each job role.

Our creative team worked closely with CITB careers advisors and construction industry experts through co-design to create an interactive piece that not only represented real world manufacturing processes but also delivered a cross-device experience allowing unparalleled mobile access for our audiences.

You can explore the ‘Off-Site Roles in Construction’ interactive at – watch out for the rather cool animations!

Jul 13 2016

Homepage background video: Dezrez get the WOW factor.


When the guys over at Dezrez asked our creative team to add the WOW factor to homepage of they’re now consumer facing website we know video would deliver a big impact.

Using background video on your website is a great way to convey your company’s brand to potential customers. Displaying footage of your team in a dynamic office environment or candid clips of customers using your product range is far more engaging than a static image or repetitive carousel.

The team combined fly-through footage of the London cityscape and a countryside vista along with futuristic, live action displays of the Rez software, edited in Adobe After Effects with the final video optimised to an amazingly low file size of 4MB allowing for autopay with minimal playback issues on desktop PCs and tablets with low bandwidths.

You can check out the video on the new website at

Sep 28 2012

Royal College of Anaesthetists – Drupal site goes live

The Royal College of Anaesthetists Drupal website design S8080


S8080 recently launched a brand new website for the Royal College of Anaesthetists, using the open source Drupal platform.

This is one of several larger Drupal sites we’ve rolled out this year as our clients are seeing the benefits of building on an open source platform – including WordPress for the smaller websites and Umbraco when we need to develop bespoke functionality using the Microsoft .NET framework.

The RCoA team had a very well defined set of requirements and an enthusiasm for the open source ethos. We worked with them to refine the project scope before deciding on the final CMS – and Drupal came out on top.

drupal logo S8080

The website uses some of Drupal’s more advanced features and modules and functionality includes a searchable document store with filters, forums with secure areas and a calendar and events system.

It’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback at the end of a major project and after launch we had the following email from Bob Williams, The RCoA Professional Standards Manager…

”We have received many compliments about the new website from College staff, College officials, clinicians, other medical colleges and outside agencies. There is no doubt without the superb working relationship we had between our teams; we would not be where we are today. Please pass our thanks on to all your team members”.

Jul 12 2012

Eye Spy!

The S8080 team have been busy designing and building an exciting new campaign website for the National Assembly for Wales,  Democracy in Action in Wales.

Built in WordPress, an open source platform, the new site gives Welsh citizens the opportunity to win some pretty special prizes by taking photos of what the feel represents democracy in action in Wales – illustrating the power we have to change Wales.


Democracy in Action in Wales Website


You don’t need to be a photographer and you can use anything to take your photograph, including your phone. The panel of judges, including renowned photographers and filmakers will be picking the winnerss after the closing date, 31st of August 2012.

Get snapping, you could win a digital SLR camera or a photography course.




Jun 18 2012

Party in the park

We’re still waiting for the elusive summer to arrive but while we’ve been waiting we’ve put our time to good use by launching a shiny new website for one of our long standing clients, Lee Valley Regional Park.

The new site, using our own Microsoft .NET Content Management System, has been completely redesigned with a new user focused structure and includes user itineraries, events and news sections to keep visitors in ‘the know’ about all the fantastic offerings available at the park.

Why don’t you pay them a visit:

Dec 20 2011

Flexible Band-Aid

Striking concept and illo’ for a advert for stretchy plasters.

Via I believe in advertising.

Dec 13 2011

A very Merry Christmas!

As 2011 draws to a chilly close, we hope you all have a warm and wonderful break over Christmas. Thank you for your support over the past 12 months and we wish you all a Happy New Year.

Nov 10 2011

A new website for the National Assembly for Wales

Late last week, after many months of hard work, we launched the brand new website for the National Assembly for Wales.

Well, I say ‘new’…

Earlier this year, we won the contract to redesign and redevelop the NAfW website, but instead of implementing a new content management system, we would be working into their legacy CMS system. This would give significant cost savings.


One of our tasks was to improve the usability of the website. We used many sophisticated techniques to ensure it would be easy to navigate. We started with a content audit of the existing site to help us determine the depth and breadth of the site and categorise the types of information that the Assembly needed to present (and the stuff they didn’t!)

Then we developed a suite of personas – based on real people who use the website – and scenarios of use and user journeys for each of these. This ensures that everything going forward is based firmly on a User Centred Design approach. We interviewed many types of users, including AMs, journalists, and members of the public to find our exactly what they needed and how they wanted to use the site.

Information architecture

Once these two stages were complete, we could then use the findings to redevelop the information architecture (site map) and create a set of wireframes that explain each key page in detail and the way the users will interact and travel through the site – making their journey as easy as possible. Wireframes really do help save time and money on all web projects as amendments can be made quickly and cheaply, before the ‘look and feel’ or coding is developed. It’s a very agile and cost effective approach.

Getting creative

Then we moved into the design phase. After consultation, we presented three distinct creative routes. The Assembly project team gathered thoughts and feedback and the final creative direction was decided upon. This design was then implemented into the CMS, and the resulting templates were accessibility tested to ensure everyone would be able to use and enjoy the content on the new site.

Then came the mighty task of applying the design to the content – thousands of pages of information.

After one more round of accessibility testing, the new site was launched without a hitch thanks to the hard work of many people from S8080, The National Assembly for Wales, and our project partners Method4. Thank you everyone, it was an immense task.

You can see the new website at

We’re very grateful to S8080 for the hard work they’ve put into this project, and we’re immensely pleased with the final product. From the outset, they stood out head and shoulders above their competitors, with their down to earth attitude and excellent project management skills. They took the time to understand our needs as an organisation, and now the result is a clean and crisp design and a new site architecture that is helping visitors to our site find what they are looking for and enjoy the site experience.”

Iwan Williams, Media, Brand and e-Democracy Manager

National Assembly for Wales

Nov 10 2011

New Dezrez site launch

Our good friends, Dezrez, have just launched their brand new site.

And we designed it for them.

Dezrez have THE best software for estate agency sales and letting available. We’ve been working with them as partners for many years, designing and building the websites that house their technology. In fact, we were in University with the founders of Dezrez!

We’ve seen a real shift, estate agents are now embracing Open Source CMS platforms including Drupal, WordPress and Umbraco and well as S8080’s own .NET content management system if they really want to customise things.

We worked very closely with Dezrez, initially on their UX design and wireframes and then onto the creative phase of the project. they made very good use of our in-house illustration team to give the site a personality all of it’s own.

As always, it’s so satisfying for an agency to work with a client who is passionate about the project. Every meeting and session we had left us buzzing with ideas, it’s the very best way to work on a creative project like this. Everyone feels so involved and comfortable tabling their ideas.

The new site is a huge success – and a success they thoroughly deserve.

The last word goes to Wilf…

Nov 10 2011

The eZine reborn

Years ago, everyone marvelled at the glut of eZines that started to appear – everyone wanted their brochure converted to the fancy new ‘page-flip’ format that tried to replicate a paper based reading experience on screen.

Then the iPhone and iPad appeared, Flash suddenly became un-loved and everyone thought it was just a bit daft to try and emulate a magazine or catalogue on-line. Things needed to move on.

So we thought we’d give it another go for one of our clients, The Environment Agency. They have this exciting EU project,  ‘Wild Fishing Wales’, a truly amazing world class offering and they wanted to tell people about it in a magazine style format.

So we sat down and designed a new way of doing it for them, based on accessible HTML that works on PC, Mac,  tablets, phones and even iPads. We think it’s beautiful. And being HTML, we could feed in YouTube videos, Flickr streams and Google Maps.

Issue one went out via an email campaign using S8080’s broadcast platform. Our biggest broadcast yet, 380,000 people. It went down very well indeed, from an analytics point of view and from the comments we received – phone calls from perfect strangers saying how much they liked it!

Issue two is going out any day now but pop over to Wild Fishing Wales and take a look for yourself.

Nov 10 2011

Designing the new Number 10 website

Back in August,we announced that S8080 were asked to help with the redesign for the newly launched 10 Downing Street website, built in WordPress – the open source web publishing platform. It’s a high profile, high load open source website.

We were absolutely delighted that our modestly sized regional agency was awarded the contract, managed by COI, for what is arguably one of the most high profile Government websites in the world. We have worked hard since starting S8080 in 2000 to build up our experience and reputation and to be recognised at this level makes the whole team very proud.

A very agile and hands-on project management style was called for, to help with the quick turnaround and very busy client!

After visiting the historic office of the British Prime Minister, our User Experience (UX) team set to work refining the way the wealth of information was presented, taking into account the needs of the varied audience types.

We worked hard providing recommendations on the restructuring of the website based around the audience’s needs. This involved prototyping ways of presenting the serious business of the Coalition Government’s policies, ‘Take Part’ initiatives as well as the interactive elements of the website including the history of the building, a timeline of Prime Ministers and much more.

Once the website blue prints (wire frames) had been designed, S8080’s creative team took over. The team visited Downing Street a couple of times, immersing ourselves in the history and details that make this one of the most recognisable buildings in the world. We wanted to show it as a thoroughly modern office but also as a building steeped in history.

We took hundreds of photographs, including the classic ‘10’ that is used on the masthead of the website – an icon that is recognised worldwide
We took hundreds of photographs, including the classic ‘10’ that is used on the masthead of the website – an icon that is recognised worldwide

It was a nerve-wracking couple of days waiting for sign off from the top, but we were confident that we had provided a very well-considered and user centred design. We feel we have achieved the sense of gravitas that the office deserves without it looking like a tourist attraction.

At the end of the day, it’s just another very busy office with lots of toing and froing, as we found out when trying to photograph the door in the gaze of paparazzi on Budget Day!

Oct 31 2011

We made The Sun

From The Sun website… a great photo of David Cameron sitting in front of a graphic our creative team designed for the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

I wonder if he looked at it when he walked in to the room and said to himself “Hmm, that looks like it’s from the same team who designed my website”.

No. probably not.

Nice to see our work under the gaze of the World’s press though.


Sep 15 2011

Getting REALLY creative!

At last, we’ve put together a brand new WordPress site to show off our illustration work.

Under the brand Redseal, we’ve been doing this stuff for years and have agents in London, US and Australia who get us some amazing work.
Take a look at the new site and some of the new styles our creative team have been experimenting with.

Loving the Glasto’ 11 image!

Aug 18 2011

New website designed in Wales

S8080 are incredibly proud to announce that the new Number10 website was designed in Wales – by us!

The new site, which uses the WordPress platform, was launched a couple of weeks ago after an intensive UX, design and build phase.

More info soon.

Aug 5 2011

Sunny mornings and our office clock

Mar 18 2011

Design is how it works

Feb 8 2011

Google celebrates Jules Verne birthday

Today, (8th February 2011) Google are celebrating the 183rd birthday of French author, Jules Verne, with a neat little interactive piece.