Dec 16 2016 wins Silver in this year’s Digital Experience Awards

uk digital award has won another award! The site has won a Silver award in this year’s Digital Experience Awards.

The site originally won the Masters of Marketing Award for user experience and design in October this year.

GoConstruct provides online interactive tools to help people find out more about a career in construction. We are very proud to be playing such a major part in the site’s continuing growth and success.

Oct 13 2016

GoConstruct wins the Masters of Marketing User Experience and Design award


We are very proud to announce that has won the 2016 Masters of Marketing User experience and design award. GoConstruct won the award after being shortlisted along with Guardian Travel and Gu puddings websites.

The site was launched to encourage people to consider a career in construction. We worked closely with CITB to create a site that would inform and entertain a diverse audience by utilising a range of interactive tools including a career profiling tool, a series of interactive construction sites and a personality quiz.

The site has had extensive usability testing to give the best possible user experience. The campaign has been a huge success with over 450,000 unique visitors. To check out the site for yourself click here.


It’s been a privilege to work on the site and we are currently working with CITB on more major projects, watch this space!


Aug 17 2016

Go – An interactive tour of Infrastructure


Hot on the heels of the interactive tour of Off-Site Manufacturing our creative and front end development teams produced another engaging visual interactive page to help attract, inform and retain a talented workforce for the Construction and Built Environment sector.

The interactive consists of a bespoke portal page and a series of phased construction scenarios designed to showcase specific job roles. The creative team developed an infrastructure scenario that covered the construction of a bridge that incorporates a high speed rail link, a motorway connecting town to city, water transportation and sustainable energy.

Our creatives and front end devs worked closely to ensure the interactive worked across a large range of devices from a desktop monitor to a smartphone. The result of this agile and collaborative working process meant that the product not only looked great but worked seamlessly across client specified devices featuring adaptive layouts and content solutions.

Take look and explore the infrastructure roles in construction

Aug 10 2016

Go – An interactive tour of Off-Site Manufacturing


Our creative and front end development teams have recently produced a whole host of highly visual interactive pages for the newly launched GoConstruct website, which has been specifically designed to attract, inform and retain a talented workforce in the construction and built environment sector. The interactives consist of a bespoke portal page and a series of phased construction scenarios that showcase specific job roles.

In one example, the off-site interactive section takes the user through the 5 stages of off-site manufacturing and the roles in construction involved in each stage. There are multiple ways to navigate the content; Scroll with the mouse wheel or use the pagination sidebar. Each of the 5 phases contain a collection of job specific characters with clickable hotspots that allow the user to explore a wealth of detail on each job role.

Our creative team worked closely with CITB careers advisors and construction industry experts through co-design to create an interactive piece that not only represented real world manufacturing processes but also delivered a cross-device experience allowing unparalleled mobile access for our audiences.

You can explore the ‘Off-Site Roles in Construction’ interactive at – watch out for the rather cool animations!

Mar 27 2013

UK Department of Energy and Climate Change Infographics – energy bill policy impact

UK Department of Energy and Climate Change Infographics   - energy bill policy impact

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Jul 26 2010

iPad wallpaper… once you pop

One more wallpaper for your iPad. Click the image for the 1024 x 1024 version.

If you need instructions on how to get our wallpapers on to your iPad:

1. Browse to this page on your iPad.

2. Click on the image above to open the full size version

3. Touch the image until ‘Save Image’ pops up, save it and then go to your Photos app, select the image and in the top right corner, click the icon next to slideshow and the ‘Use as wallpaper, select ‘Set Both’. Job done.

Oct 21 2009

Don’t let Wales be a puzzle

We have just completed an interesting little online campaign for Visit Wales.

Based on a concept dreamed up by the Visit Wales team, we designed and built an email and Flash app with a truly retro flavour.

Our illustrators based the execution on those wonderful little 3D wooden puzzles that you can still find in specialist toy shops. Combined with a retro illustration style and packaging, it’s a fine looking campaign that extols the virtues of the varied regions of Wales, including horned beasts, waterfalls taller than Niagara and our very own monster of the deep called Teggie.

Take a look here and enter the competition to win a hamper full of Welsh goodies.

Jun 15 2009

Children’s website comes to life

The children’s website S8080 recently launched for Lee Valley Regional Park featured some funky little characters call Leevs.

We have just been sent some photos showing how these little guys have been brought to life…

The Leevs will be used as mascots around the park helping to promote to the children’s website and the interactive fun and games it contains.

My kids love these fellas!

More young people’s sites on the way

We are just about to start work on a very special young people’s website design for a large police force out of the back of a suite of children’s and young people’s websites for South Wales Police. More about both of those projects soon.

If you have a children’s or young person’s website design project you would like to discuss, please get in touch as we have lots of case studies to show you 🙂

Mar 4 2009

Digital imagery delights

Revisiting some of the beautiful images our creative team have created over the years for clients like Tesco, F1, 20th Century Fox, The Grammy Awards and Orange.

Here are a few of my faves from the last few years. More here  if you are liking this stuff.