Aug 19 2015

Drupal 7 and the release of Drupal 8

Over the past few months we’ve been working with a number of new clients on redeveloping and moving their sites over to Drupal, and with the release of Drupal 8 in the pipeline we’ve been answering questions about Drupal 8 release dates, migration from previous versions of Drupal and more which I wanted to share…

When will Drupal 8 be ready?

Drupal 8 release date has not been announced and is a case of its done when it is done… Here is the official dev cycle.

Our Drupal team (a number of whom are very active in the Drupal community contributing heavily to Drupal) estimate that it will be released early next year.

As Dries (Dries Buytaert is the original creator and project lead of Drupal) says “Drupal 8 will be ready when it’s ready

After release how long does it take to be stable?

From our experience there is a plateau which needs to be reached after the release date of any new version to ensure a secure and robust platform, particularly on more complicated solutions which use numerous modules.

According to Dries, the plateau of productivity for Drupal 7 happened 6-9 months after the release date of the new version, from our experience we agree and think it’s safe to assume a similar timeframe for Drupal 8


The reassuring fact is that Drupal has a system in place called LTS (long term support) and generally covers support for the current version and the previous version of Drupal.

SEE Drupal Long term support:

Support for Drupal 7 – how long will it be supported?

As the LTS covers the current and previous version, support for Drupal 6 will start to expire when Drupal 8 reaches its LTS release – long past the Drupal 8 release date.

This means that Drupal 7 will be supported for security updates well past the Drupal 9 release date and onwards until Drupal 9 itself reaches a stable LTS release which is estimated to be around 2019+ based on the current release cycle.

What is the upgrade Path from Drupal 7 to 8 and onwards over time?

One of the great new features of Drupal 8 is a vastly improved migration path from previous versions of Drupal, the Drupal community have been working hard to help Drupal 6 site owners upgrade to Drupal 8 now the support will be coming to an end and they have added migration support into the core of Drupal 8 to upgrade from 6/7 as smoothly as possible.

This upgrade path will be present in Drupal 9 as well so that a Drupal 7 site can exists for many years before needing to be upgraded and when that time comes the process should be as smooth as possible. This is significantly better than other CMS’s we work with.

Maintainability – upgrading a site to a new version

The ease of upgrading a site to a new version of Drupal depends largely on how well it is built, a properly built site that is modular in its construction and follows best code practices (which we do and we run code review audits on) will allow each module’s code to be upgraded in isolation and re-integrated into the new Drupal site much easier than a site that has a large spaghetti codebase that has to be recoded from scratch during an upgrade. A little care and attention when building the site means you will always have an upgrade path to follow.

Related Drupal Links:

So if we are considering a project now should we develop in Drupal 7 or 8?

This really depends on the complexity of the project and the timings – through the discovery phase of the project we weigh up the pro’s and con’s along with the project time line, modules required and organisation’s objectives and discuss this in some detail.

Fortunately, our team has experienced many upgrades of many different CMS products over the years, we have found Drupal to be a better path for upgrades than some very expensive commercial CMS products, and similarly the rate of release for security patches / updates is excellent.

Drupal 8 is an exciting release, hopefully this post has helped to answer some of your questions.

If you want to see how we’ve helped our clients take a look at our Custom Drupal Development.



May 21 2015

S8080’s information security standard ISO/IEC 27001


Early last year, after completing yet another information security questionnaire as part of a public sector website tender, we made the decision to add ISO/IEC 27001 certification to our suite of ‘ISO’s’.

We currently hold 9001 for quality management, 14001 for environmental management and 18001 for occupational health and safety management. These combine into what is called an Integrated Management System and every year we are audited over a period of several days to make sure we comply with each of these strict international standards.

27001 is the best-known standard for providing a detailed set of bullet-proof requirements for an information security management system (ISMS).

During our day-to-day activities, developing websites for our clients and performing our general ‘running a busy business’ duties, we interact with a variety of information assets, with various degrees of confidentiality. Our 27001 ISMS helps us manage these information assets providing assurance of its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

As we have been working with high profile public sector clients for about 15 years, it turned out we had most of what we needed for 27001 already in place. We just needed to spend time formalising all of the policies and procedure to satisfy the audit team.

We passed with flying colours and received our certificate last month.

Why is this important?

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure confidential things stay confidential.

Everything from the secure coding standards we work to, how our network infrastructure is designed and monitored, our hosting and our disaster recovery plans, through to how our team use mobile devices for their S8080 email accounts has been considered, risk-assessed and hardened.

It’s all a bit James Bond, but it means our clients have one less thing to worry about.

May 20 2015

S8080 becomes a Rackspace Preferred Partner



S8080 has joined the Rackspace® Partner Network to provide our clients with a portfolio of Hybrid Cloud solutions.

We’ve been working with Rackspace for a number of years, hosting our larger client’s Drupal, EPiServer and Umbraco websites. We’ve been impressed by their service and flexibility, especially when we’ve thrown complex problems at them, so we’ve decided to make our relationship formal.

Rackspace is a leading provider of hybrid clouds, which enable organisations to run their workloads where they run most effectively — whether on the public cloud, a private cloud, dedicated servers, or a combination of these platforms.

Contact Matt or Chris for more information.

Apr 16 2015

So what’s an ‘explainer video’…

“…and how can it help my organisation?”

What is a video explainer

An explainer video is a short online video used to explain your organisation’s product or service.

There really is no stopping the uptake of online video consumption, according to a recent iStockphoto article there’s been a staggering 800% increase in online video consumption in the last 6 years.

So can an explainer video help you? We think the answer is yes.

Video is definitely one of, if not the most popular marketing platforms currently available as for most people, it’s far easier to consume than a lengthy article (so I’ll try to keep this post short, and don’t worry, there are links to some great explainers just a short scroll away, so bear with me!)

But don’t be fooled that any old video will do, as the consumption of online video increases so too does our audience’s thirst for higher quality graphics and insightful content. Producing a successful explainer video consists of a combination of script, graphic look and feel and audio. Each element needs to sing in harmony with the other if you want to retain the viewer and convert them into a loyal fan or customer.

So how can explainer videos benefit your brand?

Here’s one of those harsh but true moments: If you’re not already producing online video marketing for your organisation, company or brand, then you’re going to be playing catch up with your competitors.

All you need do is Google ‘online video stats’ for a vast list of incredible statistics indicating the huge surge in video consumption. According to a recent Guardian article, YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month.

Welsh-Government e-Crime Wales video explainer

With these huge numbers there’s going to be a lot of video content out there shouting for attention, your video will really needs to hit the spot, so understanding the production process of a typical explainer is a good place to start your journey.

Here’s a taste of the steps we follow when creating a typical s8080 animated explainer video:

Research and development

Following a scoping meeting the s8080 creative team will spend an agreed amount of time researching potential look and feel concepts including colour palettes, illustration and animation styles and character development which will be presented for feedback before considering any high-fidelity graphics production.

Business Wales Explainer R&D

The script

The script is arguably the most important part of any explainer video and you play a huge part in its production. After all, who knows more about a product or service other than the people that created it? Sounds a little scary, right? Don’t worry though, we’ll help you with the script structure and we’ll even commission a copywriter to polish and add a bit of humour if needed.
There’s a proven structure that most explainers will follow; keep it simple, be consistent and be sure to add a call to action. Here’s a great article from the guys over at Demo Duck that gives you some pretty useful script writing tips – ‘How to Write a Video Script that Sells.’


When the final script has been signed off we move onto the storyboard, producing a series of sketches that convey the basic concept for each scene along with the corresponding copy from the script. This gives you a really good idea of what we’ll do at the animation phase. Changes at this stage are easy to make so make sure you are completely happy with the concept, messaging, information accuracy and the look and feel
Remember to keep your explainer video to around 1-2mins if possible, if you’re planning on breaking that 90sec mark you’ll need to have some pretty relevant content or you’ll risk losing viewers.

Business Wales Sketchbook storyboard


Our workflow will include a number of Adobe Creative Cloud applications and we’ll sync artwork between them resulting in a more streamlined approach. Scene templates will be developed in Adobe Illustrator and, to a lesser extent Photoshop, before placing the assets into Adobe After Effects, our video editing app of choice.

Animation and audio

The storyboard sets the animation style but once we are in After Effects, we can start to fine tune the animation effects, dialling the speeds up and down to emphasise key points, actions or scene changes.
Another key step in the process is adding a narrated script, for this we’ll commission a voiceover artist to add a final layer of professionalism to your explainer. We can find a voice for every occasion – even some famous ones, and they are not as expensive as you’d think! The narrated script is imported into After Effects and synced to the animation within the timeline.

Render and upload

The final explainer video is exported for online use as a QuickTime movie with a H264 codec and AAC audio output and uploaded to your video channel on YouTube or Vimeo where key metadata and transcripts are added.

S8080 Explainer Video examples

We’ve recently worked with DECC, Welsh Government’s Business Wales and Welsh Government’s eCrime Wales to create a series of informative and playful explainer videos forming part of a larger engagement campaign.
You can view the explainer videos on the s8080 YouTube channel.

S8080 YouTube channel

Don’t forget to subscribe to the S8080 YouTube channel to catch the latest video creations from our creative team.

Feb 12 2015

How we do agile and lean development projects in our web agency

At S8080 we like to keep things lean and we like to get things done. How exactly do we like to get things done? By sticking to some key principals taken from Prince2 and Agile (why limit yourself to only one project management methodology!)

After the client alignment, UX and creative phase, we’ll have a big kick off session. This ensures that everyone on the team knows the end goal, how it can be achieved and their role in achieving that goal.

User stories and the agile wall

Once all is understood and all questions asked, the team will plan out the project by creating user stories, these are simply cards that contain a specific story, or goal. For example one story may be “As a student, I want to be able to view all books available”. Once all stories have been built up, the team as a whole will estimate how long each story will take to complete.

With all the stories created and work estimated, the team place the cards up onto the Agile wall. Think of the Agile wall as a huge ‘to-do’ list.

As the team work on a story they will pass through several stages from the ‘backlog’ to being ‘accepted / completed’. To ensure this process runs smoothly, the teams will have a quick 5-10 minute stand up in the morning, at these stand ups the team will work though any problems or ‘blockers’ that are stopping them from working.

Iterative approach and sprints

We keep our clients well informed by showcasing our work to date at the end of every iteration / sprint. This is a great opportunity to gather feedback early on in the development process, instead of the big reveal at the end. We couple these showcases with a weekly report, which contains contains a general status, dependencies, risks and any issues.

At the end of each sprint, we will perform a retrospective, this is the opportunity for the team as a whole to suggest how we can make improvements for the next iteration – and usually demolish a pack or two of Welsh cakes.

Because some customers require a fixed scope, time and budget we also provide a Gantt chart, this will contain a detailed list of the functional outputs along with any user testing, security testing, UAT and other dependencies. If there is any additional work to be added to the scope, this is simply dealt with via a change request.

Our key take away points are:

  • Encourage team communication through daily stand ups
  • Encourage team organisation through visible Agile boards
  • Encourage early feedback from the client by introducing end of iteration showcases
  • Encourage team performance with end of iteration retrospectives

Sometimes agencies can get too clogged up in ‘how to do Agile development’ to the letter instead of finding a method that works for them, after all, not all clients, teams and companies are the same.

Feb 4 2015

G-Cloud and open source for public sector

CCS logo

We are delighted to let our existing and potential public sector clients that S8080’s complete set of services is available via the new G-Cloud 6 framework, delivered by the Cabinet Office’s Crown Commercial Service.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the “go-to” place for expert commercial and procurement services.

Our G-Cloud services cover specialist public sector open source, Drupal, Umbraco and EPiServer web usability, web design and web development.


Working with public sector

We have a long history working with our public sector clients. Before G-Cloud, we spent over 10 years on the COI digital roster working with clients including No.10, Ministry of Justice, Cabinet Office and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Open source software like Drupal and Umbraco has become increasingly important for public sector organisations. Open source means the CMS software is free. This frees up budget for user experience, engaging design and robust, secure functionality.

Whatever features you need, chances are there’s already a free extension for it. Coupled with an agile and iterative development process, this is what makes Open Source systems such good value for public sector clients.


Our open source G-Cloud services

Open Source Content Management Systems

Open Source Responsive CMS website – mobile optimised

Open Source Website UX, design and development

Drupal for public sector

Umbraco for public sector  

We can also offer the enterprise level CMS, EPiServer, via G-Cloud

EPiServer for public sector


Public sector open source and Drupal case studies

If you would like to find out how open source content management systems like Drupal or Umbraco can help your public sector organisation, or would like to see our public sector open source and Drupal case studies, contact us or email

Dec 11 2014

Merry Christmas from S8080



2014 has been another wonderful year. We’ve done some incredible things with our clients. From playing a part in helping Welsh Government deliver what is probably the world’s most comprehensive and engaging business information, guidance and advice website through to the hugely successful #Vampireenergy Halloween campaign that helped the Dept. of Energy and Climate Change show thousands of consumers how easy it is to save a pile of cash. The Prime Minister even tweeted it!

Our EPiServer experience continues to attract attention at the very highest levels with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists being launched (thank you guys!) and continuing exciting developments working with the exceptional CITB team.

We also took part in the Swansea Bay 5K (warning – photos of sweaty, puffing developers!), we moved offices and had a number of talented people join our exceptional team.

We are very lucky to work with so many enthusiastic clients who are committed to improving the way people can interact with their organisations using the internet; it makes every single day interesting and rewarding.

The whole S8080 team would like to sincerely thank every single one of our clients for your support this year

We hope you enjoy your Christmas break and we’ll see you in 2015.

Chris, Matt and the S8080 team

Nov 18 2014

What is Vine, and what’s a Vine video?

“…and do I need to know about it?”

What is a Vine video

For those that haven’t heard (and don’t worry, until recently that included us) Vine is a free online video sharing service brought to us by Twitter. Vine allows users to create and share six second long looping video clips. Basically you can think of it as a visual tweet – a micro-blogging movie.

So do you need to know about Vine? We think the answer is yes.

It’s a relatively new concept for most of us but as the creative team at s8080 came to realise on a recent project for The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), it’s a trend that’s really helping support complex social engagement strategies.

Vine video featured strongly in the recent DECC campaign #VampireEnergy – which gave energy efficiency advice using the quirky videos and infostrips to build awareness instead of a text heavy Twitter conversation.

So how can Vine benefit your brand?

If you’re looking to bolster your social campaign collateral, then a series of Vine videos can be a smart and cost effective alternative to traditional video projects. The Vine audience is growing quickly (with 40 million users as of August 2014) and with brands like Nike, Samsung Mobile and Government departments creating their own channels, it’s definitely the right time to test the water.

Vine examples

Here’s a quick overview of how s8080 creates a typical animated vine video.

The Storyboard and Artwork

We always start with a storyboard or wireframe to communicate our proposed concept. This can be as simple as a series of sketches or, as in the case of #VampireEnergy, where we had already created a series of hifi assets for other channels, we’ll work with those to streamline the process.

Vine storyboard


The storyboards are relatively simple as 6 seconds really is a short amount of time to get a message across – so the concept needs to be strong and impactful. ‘Boards’ generally consist of 4 – 6 screens showing the key messaging and transitions. We then show our client the concept and can give feedback well before the animator gets anywhere near the editing software.

Animation and Audio

Following approval of the boards, we’ll finalise the artwork and move into the animation phase. Most of the work is done in Adobe After Effects, professional video editing software that allows us to quickly animate and work with audio, all on the same timeline.

This is where the storyboard literally comes to life and we fine tune timings, transitions and sound to best communicate a campaign message.

We created two Vine animations for the DECC #VampireEnergy campaign which featured an energy conscious vampire (yes, really) and followed his money saving journey. The campaign went live around the Halloween period allowing us to have a bit of fun with spooky sound effects and screeching vampires!

Uploading your Vine

This part of the process has become a lot easier since the Vine team introduced the ability to import videos into their app (available for download on iTunes). We create our Vines as we would with any video destined for online viewing (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), the only main difference being the video artboard size which is 480px x 480px.

We’ll generally export a QuickTime movie with a H264 codec and AAC audio output and let the vine uploader worry about the optimisation. Vine compresses your video to around 1MB but don’t worry about being limited to this size when editing.

And then repurpose…

Why stop there? Reformat your Vine into a Facebook ready newsfeed video, it’s a relatively straightforward process and gives your campaign another batch of engaging content that can be delivered to a whole new audience.

S8080 Vine Video examples

Check out the Spooktacular series of Vines s8080 created for the DECC campaign #VampireEnergy –

And don’t forget to subscribe to the s8080 YouTube channel to catch the latest video creations from our creative team.
S8080 YouTube channel

And if you have a spare 1 minutes 46 seconds, take a look at our YouTube Halloween parody which show that developers can dance (sort of).

Nov 13 2014

Working at S8080

Starting your career at S8080


We’ve recently had two new team members start working at S8080. Eric joined us as a developer from a small local design agency in September and Ernie joined us a technical project manager from Hewlett Packard in October.

Obviously, Eric and Ernie are not their real names, but we want to protect them from the constant hassle of recruitment agents!

Working at S8080 - our office

In their own words…

Eric, Drupal Developer at S8080

Started: early September 2014

Settling into working at S8080 has been both enjoyable and seamless.  Right from the first interview, I felt very comfortable talking about how I work and also learning how work is carried out by the team.  I was very drawn in by working as part of a team utilising Agile methodologies.

My induction allowed me to transition smoothly into working within the team; initially with time to familiarise myself with the technology and workflow that is used at S8080.  Coming from a small agency, it was often the case where I would have to do a considerable amount of research on particular aspects of development before beginning projects. Here at S8080, the team is only too happy to help and bounce ideas between each other, which, has been fantastic for picking up little nuggets of knowledge.

The office itself is state of the art, and is in a great location a stone’s throw away from Swansea Marina.  Personal development is a very high priority here, too.  There is plenty of material within the office to learn new skills or brush up here and there or even to keep on the desk as a reference.  I’m also studying an additional degree at Swansea University which S8080 are happy to let me attend once a week and provide any support I may need.

The atmosphere is very relaxed considering the fast-paced nature of our work.  The work itself is engaging and challenging.  Meetings are held every morning with project managers to ensure that we, as developers, have everything we need to check off all the tasks we have been assigned as part of our sprint for the week.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few months at S8080.  I have been made to feel very welcome and have already settled into the way the team works and I am always looking forward to the next challenge that our projects bring.

Ernie – Technical project Manager at S8080

Started: mid October 2014

I stepped through the door and was refreshed by the bright orange walls. I shook some hands and after being handed a cafetiere and 2 shortbreads I was ready for the interview, I say an interview, it was more of a sensible chat with some sensible down to earth people.

All went well and I was given a start date. The first few days were spent getting my bearings, meeting all the individual characters that make up S8080, setting up my shiny laptop and sipping from my new S8080 ‘e-tea’ mug.

Working at S8080 - e-tea mug

I was sent to work straight off the bat, no boring waiting around. The work processes are very agile, but if you think there is a better way of doing something, then you can just say so and they team will give it a go – no forms to fill in! The agile boards offer a great visual cue for the work that is going on and a focal point to discuss tasks.

The office is set in a huge open-plan, light airy room and when it’s time for lunch you can take a walk around the marina and take in the good sea air.

Since settling in I’ve learned the people are great, the work is great and the location is great – With the local gym being so close I can even come in early for a quick session!

Nov 3 2014

UK Prime Minister tweets Vampire Energy campaign!

Number10 Twitter S8080

On Halloween, the official Twitter channel for Prime Minister David Cameron’s office, based at 10 Downing Street tweeted the Vampire Energy campaign we developed with the Department of Energy and Climate Change!

GOV.UK ran a nice piece on the campaign too. Follow the link to see the infostrips, Vine and FaceBook videos we produced for DECC, or have a look at what’s happening on Twitter #VampireEnergy.

DECC Vampire Energy infostrip S8080

Oct 30 2014

S8080 Presents: The Night of the Living Devs

Happy Halloween from the team at S8080

This year, S8080’s spooktacular Halloween treat has set the bar even higher with a chilling (and thrilling) HD YouTube movie.

Filmed and edited entirely in-house by our own creative team, the guys* show they have talents way beyond websites development.

Click the video link and see who you think has the best zombie moves… if you dare.

Thank you to everyone who played part in putting this together – and a huge thank you goes out to Gethin Jones for his outstanding sound design.

Happy Halloween.

*Despite appearances, no developers were harmed during the making of this film.


Oct 22 2014

Web Developer

S8080 are seeking a talented and experienced web developer or  CMS developer – you don’t need to be a designer or a Unix command line guru.

We are looking for likeminded people to join our expanding team – people who want to learn Drupal, including the more technical aspects, and work with some of the best end to end Drupal developers, front end developers and designers in the UK. Our team work on some of the largest and most important websites in the UK – every day is interesting, different and stimulating.

You may currently be working as a front end  using Joomla, WordPress or some other CMS or be the person that does all the ‘web stuff’ (end to end) in a smaller agency, including some of the more technical bits and pieces. If you can put together solid sites on any of these platforms, we would love to hear from you.

Our working environment is vibrant, modern and relaxed but very professional. The kit, software tools and development methodologies you’ll use are cutting edge and our project management team help keep everything on track, so that means no late nights are weekend working. As far as salary goes, we pay good people very well.

If you would like to find out more, send an email to and we’ll arrange for you to pop in for an informal chat so you can have a look around, meet us and learn more about working at S8080.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Chris and Matt

Salary: Very competitive. Depends on level of commercial experience

Date of issue: 22-10-14

Vacancy: Immediate new role due to expansion – again!

Aug 8 2014

Perspex Agile / Scrum boards

We are moving into our new larger offices this weekend and today we had our agile boards installed – all seven of them, each 2 x 1 metres.

We couldn’t find any to buy, so we designed our own and had a local sign company make them up for us in clear Perspex.

agile scrum board s8080

agile scrum board s8080

agile scrum board s8080

Jun 27 2014

WordPress / Joomla Web Developer


S8080 are looking for a talented and experienced WordPress or Joomla developer to join our team. If you can put together solid sites on either of these platforms and have experience developing extension / plugins for them, we would love to hear from you.

Send an email to and we’ll send you all the details.

We look forward to hearing from you

Jun 26 2014

S8080 job: Drupal Developer / Drupal Themer


S8080 have a job opening for another Drupal Themer and site builder.

It’s a great opportunity for a Drupal guru who has an excellent knowledge of CSS, JQUERY and HTML 5 and wants to work in our highly experienced Drupal team and expanding team on some really big sites. But it is essential that you have lots of commercial Drupal theming experience too!

Job role / description

Salary: Very competitive. Depends on level of commercial experience

Date of issue: 25-03-14

Vacancy: Immediate new role due to expansion – again!

We are looking to expand our ever growing and highly skilled Drupal web development team again and we would love to hear from you if the following brief description sounds about right for you?

This is a permanent and full-time position in one of the country’s top agencies. Salary is very competitive and you’ll be working out of SA1 in Swansea.
This is an excellent opportunity to work on some very high profile websites for some great clients (No10, Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, National Assembly for Wales – take a look at the ‘Our Work’ section of our site).
You’ll be part of a very talented and busy team working in a modern environment with all the benefits you’d expect working for a company like S8080.

We are looking for you if…
You are a talented and commercially experienced coder who loves everything about the web. You are always looking for ways to do things faster and better. You are always learning new things. You embrace a real challenge and are happiest when you are solving problems that baffle others. You are the ‘go to’ person in your social circle for everything web related. At work you enjoy being surrounded by smart, like-minded people who you’ll learn from and who will want to learn from you.

You’ll love it here. Join us and work on stuff that really matters.

Essential skills and experience
3-5 years’ experience web site build and theming with Drupal REQUIRED. You will need to demonstrate that you have had commercial level Drupal experience working on large projects which include:

  • Drupal Multi sites
  • Multilingual Drupal sites using the I18n module
  • Workflow and permissions especially with the Workbench module
  • Build of custom modules
  • High-quality and well-organised Drupal themes with special attention paid to cross-browser testing, and standards compliance
  • Bespoke jQuery development, as well as making use of the jQuery UI library and other jQuery plugins

THEMES and SITE BUILD – A Solid understanding of Drupal themes, site building and best practices, Drupal theming experience (which includes the CSS/HTML), Advanced commercial experience of CSS / HTML / jQuery / JavaScript

  • Creating custom Node templates to re-write the markup of a node
  • Creating custom View templates to re-write the markup of a view
  • Experience in writing custom modules to handle pre-processing of variables, and other functions relating to theming the markup.
  • Experience of using Views to create complex views using relationships
  • Experience using the Panels module to build pages of nodes, views and blocks
  • Experience of using the Rules module
  • Using theme functions
  • Creating Drupal sub-themes
  • Creating theme regions
  • Creating Drupal content types such as slideshows and carousels with bespoke jQuery functionality to drive the interactivity
  • Creating bespoke interactive elements using jQuery for applications such as custom galleries, quizzes or custom applications
  • Extensive experience producing standards-compliant and cross-browser tested CSS inside a Drupal theme. Experience of using SASS is highly desirable
  • Slicing the graphic assets for the theme from a Photoshop file
  • Building fully-responsive websites in Drupal
  • Experience of developing a site with HTML5
  • Building and testing website build to accessibility standards WAI AA, and web standards

Desirable skills and experience
If you have the following skills and experience then this will be a distinct advantage:

  • MODULES –Drupal custom module development, key contributed modules, theming and core API, programming of modules a distinct advantage with   of creating and modifying Drupal modules and Drupal API, writing Drupal modules.
  • PHP – Commercial PHP coding experience on a large project such as an Open source CMS; including understanding and use of  AJAX, JSON, XML, Web services and other web technologies is required.
    – Experience of importing JSON or XML data
    – Use of web services to input and display data
    – Running MySQL commands from PHP
  • MAINTENANCE – Proficient in the maintenance and administration of Drupal modules and sites.
  • SECURITY & PERFORMANCE – Exposure to security and hardening best practice for Drupal websites (primarily Drupal CMS / web application, to a lesser extent familiar with hardening the LAMP stack). We expect you to be able to demonstrate performance enhancements in Drupal / PHP and Unix environment.
    – Experience of configuring Memcache, Varnish and APC to achieve optimum caching performance on a site
    – Configuring the PHP, MySQL and Apache config files to achieve optimum performance
    – Updating the Drupal core and contributed modules using Drush
    – Use of the Backup and migrate module to provide regular database backups
  • UNIX/ APACHE / LAMP – Practical knowledge and LAMP experience, comfortable with Unix Admin commands e.g. setting permissions. So you’ll have a PC to work on but be expected to run Unix commands on a daily basis.
    – Experience of contributing to the Drupal core and contributed modules.
    – Active participation in the issue queues
    – Demonstrable participation in the forums or on
    – Using Drush to build Drupal sites, install/update modules
    – Importing data into Drupal from XML/JSON
    – Experience of deployment of a site from a staging to live environment
    – Desirable: Using Drush to synchronise and deploy sites

Feel free to get in touch if you would like more details, or just send your CV for the attention of Matt to

We look forward to hearing from you.

No agencies at all. Thank you.

Jun 24 2014

Matt’s Dragon Ride for ARUK


We’ve been working with Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) for a year or two now. We’ve designed and built their Dementia Blog and their intranet. They are a great team to work with and they run their wonderful organisation with passion and great enthusiasm. As you may know, Matt is a very keen cyclist and last week he used his legs to raise a whole pile of money for ARUK.

Matt took part in the UK’s most prestigious cyclo-sportive event, the Dragon Ride. He completed the 95 mile Dragon Medio Fondo route across the Welsh Mountains in 5 hours 41 mins and came in 158th out of 1822 riders – inside the top 9% of riders!

95 miles is a very long way on a bike, but throw in 2000 metres of climbing and that’s one hell of an achievement!

The photo shows Matt 55 miles in, on the notorious Devil’s Elbow climb, which reaches a gradient of 20% at points. Take a look at this YouTube video and ask yourself if you could still smile after cycling up that!

Matt raised over £600 for ARUK – a cause very close to his heart. This was more than he had ever hoped for. If you would like to support Alzheimer’s Research UK, please visit Matt’s JustGiving page.

Jun 12 2014

Placement – Website Content Manager

We are looking for a website content manager to help deliver a series of very high quality websites for some of the most important organisations in the country. This project could lead to a permanent role for the right person.

As a web content manager you will be responsible for helping to load content onto our client’s websites and helping to test them before they go live.

Although you will not be writing the content, you’ll be capable of correcting wrongly placed apostrophes, incorrect capitalisation and badly constructed sentences. If you can do this in English AND Welsh, that’ll be the icing on the cake!

You will be part of our project management team but you’ll be working very closely with our creative and technical teams to ensure the pages you build look fantastic and work as they should.

Desired knowledge and skills are:

  • Excellent writing (and grammatical) skills, ideally in English and Welsh
  • You will be extremely well organised and be able to work to tight deadlines
  • You will have superb attention to detail and enjoy delivering a very high quality end product
  • Experience using a Content Management System (WordPress, Drupal, etc.)
  • A basic understanding of website accessibility
  • A basic understanding of web technologies (HTML, FTP, analytics)

Your duties will include:

  • Loading and styling text in a CMS based on guidelines from our design team
  • Resizing and optimising images
  • Testing websites in different browsers
  • Testing website functionality
  • Carrying out quality assurance checks on content

If you think you like the sound of the placement, head over to our good friends at GO Wales and apply – click here!

Jun 11 2014

Swansea Bay 5K

Team S8080 took part in the Swansea Bay 5k race last night.

After a day of rain, the weather was thankfully kind for the event and the five elite athletes, all in peak physical condition, put in a good run, beating their various target times that ranged from 20 to 30 minutes.

Although most of us were pretty wrecked and hobbling after the effort, the curry and Carlsberg helped.

Well done guys! Same time next year?



ash1     simon



Jun 6 2014

World class cycling venue

Matt and I are very keen cyclists. Not one of the recent rash of MAMILs that you see tearing around country lanes on a sunny Sunday. We’ve been at it for decades.

We are very lucky to have Lee Valley Regional Park as a long standing client and they recently took control of the VeloPark in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This incredible venue saw Team GB take 9 medals, including 7 gold, in the London 2012 Olympics.

Earlier this week, we visited the Olympic Park for one of our regular account meetings and had a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the VeloPark. This was a pretty cool place for a meeting, even if you are not a cyclist, but for us, it must rate as the best meeting venue we’ve ever visited!


Take a look at the iPad friendly interactive map we developed for Lee Valley, showing the Velodrome, mountain bike trails, BMX track and the 1 mile floodlit road circuit.


This job certainly has its perks – next time, we are definitely booking a track taster session before we hit the M25 for the journey home! A big thank you to the Lee Valley team for a good day!


Dec 17 2013

Move over ‘Selfie’, here’s the S8080 ‘Elfie’.

We’ve had another exciting year working on some wonderful projects. We would like to thank you sincerely for your support during 2013. The S8080 team and our clients have done some pretty amazing things together this year. Every single day is interesting and rewarding. Here’s to an equally exciting 2014!

We would like to point out that no elves were harmed during the making of this email…no really, we checked with our Elf & Safety Advisor!

By the way, we are looking for a talented graphic designer to join us, so if you know anyone who wouldn’t mind dressing up in a daft costume for next year’s Christmas card, please send them this link!

Click to see a larger version.